Wisconsin Health Literacy Resources - Community Projects

Important note about use of materials below: 
There are some criteria Wisconsin Health Literacy (WHL) has to follow in terms of how one uses the materials below, as they include purchased photos that only we have the rights to reproduce.  Interested participants can use them "as is," with the Wisconsin Health Literacy logo and credit of appropriate sponsorship.  

If people are interested in editing these resources to fit the needs of their own states, then that requires a conversation with our WHL staff, so that the integrity of our content would remain or credit would be given where appropriate. Thank you. 

The following downloadable copies are available:

Let's Talk About Medicines workbook (adults and seniors)
Let's Talk About Medicines workbook (refugees and immigrants)

Let's Talk About the Flu workbook

The above downloadable copies are not suitable for reproduction. If you would like a print-ready copy, please contact us at