Connie Heidemann

Connie Heidemann has recently worked at re-starting the Marathon County Literacy Council. She is a retired teacher of 27 years with three master’s degrees, including ESL/ELL, Curriculum Design and Liberal Arts. She was born and raised in Wausau, taught in Virginia and Illinois, then moved back to Wausau. She taught ESL/ELL for more than twenty years and was excited to have found an outlet for her passions of reading, and helping others. The Marathon County Literacy Council started in 1997, and dissolved in 2011 when it became a part of Wood County Literacy Council. Trying to help Wood County, she became very involved with the Wausau Literacy Council.

She was encouraged to start the Marathon County Literacy Council again, which became reinstated at the end of July 2017 with their 501c3. By using county needs assessments, the McLit agency will better be able to decide what the literacy needs of adults in the community are and how this Literacy Council can address them effectively. Connie wants to work with other organizations to help each other out. Her objective is to have an organization that would improve the literacy skills and quality of life for adults and families in Marathon and surrounding counties.