Dr. Tim Bartholow

Dr. Tim Bartholow is the VP and first Chief Medical Officer at WEA Trust. Before joining the Trust, Dr. Bartholow served as the Wisconsin Medical Society’s Chief Medical Officer for five years. In this role, he focused on physician and community engagement to promote change in the delivery and payment of health care. Prior to joining the Society staff in November 2008,

Dr. Bartholow spent 16 years caring for patients at the Prairie Clinic in Sauk City, Wis., where he was one of 12 clinical owners and an EMR since 2003. He believes that organized and carefully articulated physician feedback is essential for systems to serve the goal of best care. In the late 1990s, he served as medical director for an independent physician association with 2 sided risk with more than 400 primary care providers, a precursor to (Accountable Care Organizations) ACOs. His grandmother taught him waste is immoral and ultimately reduces care for the people we serve.