Other Training Programs

Plain Language Training Programs

Program for Readability in Science and Medicine (PRISM)
This is a free 1-hour online course to help research teams improve the readability of consent forms and other participant materials. Need speakers or headphones for audio content.

NIH Plain Language Training
(Please note: There are many reading examples and exercises, and they are not specifically "health" related topics but it can still be helpful to see complex writings that are made easy to read.) 

This online training has 8 modules that include:

  • Module 1: How People Read
  • Module 2: Concise Writing
  • Module 3: Clarity
  • Module 4: Format
  • Module 5: Organizing Your Ideas
  • Module 6: Choosing Words
  • Module 7: Tone
  • Module 8: Optional Exercises

Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) Plain Language Resources
These tools and guides will tell you how to develop and offer educational materials that people can understand and use to get healthy.

Health Literacy Training Programs for Health Professionals

  • This online training introduces the fundamentals of health literacy and demonstrates the importance of health literacy within public health practice. It is about health literacy, and not specifically plain language.

  • Training in health literacy, plain language, culture and communication.