Health Care Organizational Assessment

Evaluating an organization’s health literacy environment can help improve verbal and written communication, decision making, navigation, and health outcomes.

Through review of institutional resources, policies, practices, communication materials, and norms, WHL staff can establish an organization’s baseline health literacy measures that can be used to identify opportunities for improvement and guide future activities.

What we review:

  • Institutional Policies
  • Institutional Resources
  • Orientation, Development, and Expectations
  • Navigation
  • Culture and Language Services
  • Print Materials
  • Patient Forms
  • Websites
  • Digital Health Literacy Policies and Practice
    • Patient Portals
    • Telehealth
    • Remote Patient Monitoring

Our process:

  1. Scope the health literacy assessment to meet the organization’s needs;
  2. Coordinate assessment activities, including document review, staff interviews, and facility walk-throughs;
  3. Identify and train selected staff to increase the organization’s ability to conduct future assessments; and
  4. Provide an internal-use report for each participating facility