Tailored Presentations

Experienced professionals, including physicians, offer presentations on health literacy and patient centered communication. Content includes how health literacy affects organizations and its customers. Presentations are customized to meet an organization’s specific needs and audience and include actionable steps and strategies the audience can use immediately.

Some examples include: 

  • Health Literacy: The 800 Pound Gorilla in Health Care
  • Improving Health and the Bottom Line: The Business Case for Health Literacy
  • Implicit Bias, Health Literacy, and Health Equity
  • Better Labels = Better Health: Integrating Health Literacy into Pharmacy Delivery
  • A 15 Year Prescription to End Confusion: The History of Health Literacy
  • Literacy, Numeracy, and Health Literacy
  • Age Friendly Conversations: Communicating with Older Adults
  • "I Have High Blood Pressure, not Hypertension”: Better Health Literacy Means Better Health