Develop Articles of Incorporation

What are Articles of Incorporation?

Articles of Incorporation:

  • act as a charter to establish the existence of a nonprofit in your state.
  • are filed with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
  • register your nonprofit name as a business entity within the state

The Articles of Incorporation must include:

□   the name of the organization

□   where the organization will be headquartered

□   the organization’s overall purpose

Before you can file these articles, you will need to decide:

□   the name of your organization

□   if your organization will be a “membership organization.” (In a membership organization, all members can vote to elect or remove officers and can make changes to the Bylaws.)

You must have Articles of Incorporation to:

  • apply for public or private grant money
  • solicit for tax-deductible contributions
  • protect from personal liability for a group's activities
  • get special postal rates
  • be exempt from property taxes


An example of Articles of Incorporation