Identify Stakeholders

Stakeholders are people who have something “at stake” or have something invested in your organization. They share the agency’s “vision” or “mission.”

Your stakeholders may be:

  • potential clients
  • human or social service representatives 
  • school district personnel
  • business owners/employers 
  • libraries
  • representatives from churches/faith-based groups
  • vocational/technical instructors or administrators
  • health care providers
  • literacy advocates
  • potential volunteers (tutors) 
  • community leaders 
  • philanthropists
  • local media

What is a Steering Committee?

Your Steering Committee might have people who participated in your focus groups or needs assessment.  

Your Steering Committee will:

  • name the organization
  • file the Articles of Incorporation
  • find funding or a fiscal agent 
  • draft the mission statement and Bylaws
  • begin the operation of the organization
  • call for the first organizational meeting
  • select the Board of Directors