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See below for information and videos from our Winter Virtual Conference held on February 7 - February 11, 2022. Watch this page and subscribe to our eNewsletter for information on the next virtual conference.

Agenda and Registration

Monday, February 7

Welcome and Keynote: Integrating Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, and Justice into Adult and Family Literacy Programs 
Active Allyship: Leading with collective work in mind 

  • Presenter: Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler
  • Description: Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler, a consultant accredited by the Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence and recipient of the Cornell University Diversity and Inclusion certification, is nationally recognized for her equity work with non-profit, community, government, and corporate organizations. In her work, Dr. Mosby Tyler specializes in the development and delivery of leadership, equity, diversity, cultural responsiveness and inclusiveness strategies and training programs.

    Dr. Mosby Tyler has a vast, 32-year background in human resources, diversity & inclusion, training and operations management. She has received local and national awards for her service and leadership accomplishments from over a dozen other organizations. Dr. Mosby Tyler holds a doctorate in the field of Organizational Leadership, a Master of Arts degree in Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. 

This session was not recorded. 

Turning Math Skills Into Job Skills

Presenter: Michael Matos, Region 3 representative on the COABE board

Description: Explore real-world money education through financial topics and tools making mathematical educational connections for all learners and their role in the job market. Check out example lessons, apps, and websites that work with financial literacy, helping employees understand how money works and how to handle it responsibly. Gain tips to developing activities to teach your learners how to be better employees and personal money managers.

Michael Matos is the Region 3 representative on the COABE board, and his combined experience includes 7 years with CPS as a high school teacher and an additional 20 years as an adult education teacher and administrator. He taught 5 subjects in ABE/GED® instruction, all levels of ESL, and was an administrator at Adult Education Community Center. He is currently in his 18th year at Albany Park Community Center where he is Senior Director of Adult Education Employment and Training Programs.


Tuesday, February 8

How to Use Social Media and Canva for Recruitment

Presenters: Liz Fitzpatrick, the Data and Communications Manager for Wisconsin Literacy, and Stacey Hartung, the Outreach Coordinator for Buffalo Pepin Literacy Alliance. 

Description: Reach your target recruitment audiences on social media with Canva, an online tool with graphic design templates. Schedule your posts with Facebook’s Business Manager. Buffalo-Pepin Literacy Alliance will share how they use social media and Canva for recruitment. 

In a breakout session, you will create your own tutor recruitment post using Canva. Send us your questions when you register, and we will include them in the presentation. 

Audience: beginner to low-intermediate social media user.


Wednesday, February 9

What students need to know – Job Centers

Presenters: Renee Kemp, from DWD, and Literacy Organization Staff

Description: In this presentation, you will learn ways to prepare learners to use the many resources of the State Job Centers.


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Making Corrections (with English Language Learners) 

Presenter: Karin Bates, Curriculum and Training Specialist for Intercambio 

Description: What do we correct? When do we correct? Who makes the corrections? Learn the answers to these and more in this webinar for ELL tutors and instructors. 

Intercambio’s mission is to bring English learners and community volunteers together in language classes and gatherings to build skills, confidence, and life-changing connections. Since 2001, they have run a successful adult English language program and they now provide curriculum and training resources to more than 500organizations nationally each year.  

Contact Anna Bierer for slides and access to a recording.

This session was not be recorded.

Thursday, February 10

Building Impactful Financial Education Programs

Presenters: Cooper Larson and Deb Paulsen are Community Financial Education Coordinators for Royal Credit Union.

Description: Join Cooper Larson and Deb Paulsen to learn what it takes to build successful financial literacy programming. This presentation will focus on essential topics to include in curriculum, what to look for in a community partner, financial education certification and personal development opportunities and the important role financial literacy has in individuals overall well-being. 


Friday, February 11

9:00 - 10:00 am, Intention and Attention: Cultivating Awareness to Help You Focus on What Matters

  • Presenter: Ann Brand, Ph.D. (Mindfulness Instructor) 
  • Description: With the ever-changing nature of our current world, our minds constantly buzz with endless tasks, worries, and responsibilities. With these demands on our time and attention, we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. We lose sight of what matters as our attention gets pulled in multiple directions. We have difficulty focusing on our goals. We miss moments of ordinary joy and contentment that we so need to help us find calm and clarity to weather life's ups and downs. In this session, we will explore mindfulness tools that cultivate present-moment awareness to support focusing our attention and following our intentions, allowing us to stay true to what really matters to us in these challenging times.
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This session will not be recorded.

10:15-11:15 am, Winter Virtual Conference Recap

  • Description: Share your highlights from the conference and explore next steps with other conference participants.
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This session will not be recorded.