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If your company or organization would like to support the essential work of raising the reading, writing, math, English language, health, and workplace literacy skills of adults in Wisconsin, consider becoming a Wisconsin Literacy or Wisconsin Health Literacy sponsor. We have many sponsorship opportunities, including those listed below. For more details about sponsorship opportunities, email or call (608) 257-1655.

Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit

A nationally recognized conference in Madison for nurses, physicians, advanced care practitioners, allied health professionals, health insurance staff, health care administrators, public health professionals, health communicators, pharmacists, social workers, medical librarians, oral health professionals, literacy staff, adult educators, researchers and policymakers. Summit Details

Wisconsin Literacy Website
Sponsor our website for all those interested in adult literacy in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Health Literacy Website
Sponsor our website devoted to health literacy.

Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. - Southeast Regional Scholarship
Every Spring

The Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. - Southeast Regional Scholarship for postsecondary education offers awards through the Anne Marie Pawelke Scholarship Fund and the Nancy Fink Endowment Scholarship Fund. Scholarships of $1,000 (in two, $500 increments) may be awarded to GED/HSED graduates in the Southeast Region who plan to attend a program of study at an accredited postsecondary institution.