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Changing lives by strengthening literacy statewide.

Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. supports 70 community-based literacy programs throughout Wisconsin.  We strengthen literacy through expert trainings, health literacy, workforce connections, and advocacy.  Donate to increase literacy skills statewide.

In Wisconsin, 1.5 million adults need advanced skills training. Our member programs provide literacy services to adults and families in their communities. If you want to improve your reading skills or if you would like to become a volunteer tutor, visit our Find a Literacy Program page to locate the program closest to you.

We have supported non-profit literacy programs with capacity-building, advocacy, and professional trainings since 1985!  Watch our video to learn more about us.

Literacy News

Explore nonprofit leadership with your colleagues across the state with author Erik Hanberg’s 4 book series:

• The Little Book of Gold
• The Little Book of Nonprofit Leadership
• The Little Book of Boards
• The Little Book of Likes

I love May! It’s a time of renewal and rebirth as trees bud and tulips bloom. And it’s a season of hope—especially as I dig in the dirt and sow my garden with seeds that I hope will grow into beautiful summer flowers.

Every day the news tells of heartbreaking stories experienced by refugees and immigrants from across the globe. But every day there are also countless acts of kindness giving them help and hope as they and their families flee their homelands.

The Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit Embracing Health Literacy in the New Normal: Digital Communications, Telehealth, Health Insurance, and Health Equity took place on April 4 -6th, 2022. Individuals who work in healthcare, insurance, public health, community-based organizations, research, education, information technology, libraries, literacy and more were able to learn and discuss solutions and strategies to communicate information related to health for improved health outcomes.

We are very grateful for the support of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and for the recognition from Governor Evers. Our member agencies and countless other non-profits and public health workers across Wisconsin are working together to make vaccinations and health care more equitable.