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One-to-One Literacy Tutoring

Components to a 1-to-1 tutoring program:

  • volunteer tutors from the community
  • adult learners from the community
  • initial tutor training
  • continued professional development opportunities for tutors
  • learner and assessment (proficiency, goals, barriers, preferences)
  • matching adult learners with tutors
  • instructional materials/curriculum geared toward learner goals
  • regular contact with tutors and learners
  • monthly pair reports (monitor progress, challenges and questions)

One-to-one tutoring is:

  • completely focused on the individual learner’s goals
  • more private than group classes
  • flexible (schedule and location)
  • free or low cost

How do we offer a one-to-one tutoring program?

Volunteer tutoring programs are one of the most efficient and effective ways to educate adults. You will need:

  • volunteer or paid program coordinator and support staff to:
    • intake and assess learners
    • recruit volunteer tutors
    • intake and train tutors
    • match tutors and learners
    • regularly contact pairs and help resolve issues 
    • purchase and manage instructional materials
    • collect and process monthly reports
  • volunteer tutors
  • volunteer tutor position description
  • documented volunteer policies
  • initial tutor training
  • ongoing professional development opportunities 
  • learner assessment materials
  • diverse instructional materials and curricula to target learner goals
  • safe and quiet public spaces for tutoring sessions
  • system to track program data:
    • volunteer hours
    • instructional hours
    • achievements/outcomes

Go to our Tutor/Learner Matching page for more information.