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Digital Literacy

Digital literacy teaches:

  • computer skills
  • typing
  • identifying parts of a computer
  • using a mouse
  • using a smartphone or tablet
  • finding online information you can trust
  • using email
  • word processing
  • spreadsheets
  • connecting through virtual platforms

Online learning uses digital platforms for English, math, reading, history, and content area instruction.


The Basic Computer Skills Course, a free and interactive Massive Open Online Course, is designed to provide hands-on training to adult learners looking to improve their information technology (IT) and computer skills.

The course was created in modules, making it easy to customize for varied participants and settings. Instructors and students have the ability to complete one, some or all modules, depending on the needs of the student. The basic computer operations and IT skills gained through this course will help learners successfully navigate on-line resources, complete electronic employment applications and more.

Each course module addresses at least one IT competency. Digital learning objects, including videos and activities, are specifically designed to promote learning through hands-on interaction. Topics include how to operate computing devices, navigate operating systems, input data, create documents, use email, manage files, use the internet and social media, access learning management systems, navigate college information systems and safely manage personal data.

The 9+ module WTCS Basic Computer Skills online course now includes a pre-assessment that can be used to identify which modules a student needs to work on.  (After the student takes the test a screen with module-by-module results is shown.)  Although the test will seem long (45 minutes) it is assessing a huge range of skills, and it can be used to help the student avoid hours of module study that may be unnecessary for them.  The test can be accessed in the same ways the course can be – see totally online, teacher monitored, or student.



  • Goodwill Industries
  • Free
  • Components include:
    • Digital Literacy
    • Online Learning

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