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Tips for Connecting with Workforce Partners


  • Submit relevant literacy program activities to your local Job Center to put on their website calendar
  • Present literacy program information at Job Center resource room and case management staff meetings 
  • Provide Job Center with updated brochures, class schedules and contact information for prospective learners and referrals
  • Collaborate with your WL Regional Literacy Consultant to give a presentation to your local Workforce Development Board on how your agency can facilitate building basic literacy skills to help bridge the skills gap allowing individuals to access local high-need employment. 
  • Attend Workforce Development Board public meetings as a guest. Network with individuals before and after the meetings and share how literacy programs contribute to the goals of the board.
  • Update your contact information, schedule and enrollment processes with your local United Way, Community Foundation, Job Center, W2 agency, career pathway coordinators and all of the partners listed in this toolkit.

Initial Steps

  • Build a system for mutual referrals of leaners at your local literacy agency and W2 agency service. 
  • Meet with the ABE Dean or Associate Dean to share how your literacy program contributes to their career development goals, both in terms of tutors support and your perspective on literacy issues in their college district. Ask how your literacy agency might support learners who are enrolled in Adult Basic Education classes. 
  • Offer to be a part of partnerships, coalitions and committees.
  • Obtain information from your local technical college that will support literacy learners’ individual learning plans including: career counseling, classes for English Language Learners, certificate programs for specific employment, etc.
  • Meet with your local technical college ABE instructors, introduce yourself and offer your services, as you discuss mutual supports/referrals

Partnership Engagement and Expansion

  • Ask your local W2 agencies how your literacy agency might support the attainment of employment certificates in your area (ex:  manufacturing, ServSafe, etc)
  • Offer to serve on your local Business Services Team (through your local Workforce Development Board) as a committee member
  • Apply to be an Eligible Service Provider. Meet with your local workforce board’s executive director to learn about what is required to be an Eligible Service Provider