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The Drive To Volunteer

The Drive To Volunteer

While Maria Ollarvez, a civil engineer in her home country of Venezuela, waited for a one-to-one tutor match, she took English conversational classes at Fox Valley Literacy.  During the Literacy Can’t Wait statewide tutor recruitment drive, Cassie Nelton volunteered to tutor Maria.  In the following months, Maria developed the language skills needed to land a job at Miller Electric Company.  Her efforts have been fruitful not only for her but also for her tutor.  Nelton finds tutoring a rewarding experience.  “I’ve had exposure to different cultures in a new way - it’s helped my understanding of the world,” said Nelton. 

Last fall, literacy organizations across the state recruited new volunteers to help reduce the number of students waiting for tutors.  Over 600 new volunteers answered the call.

Jose from Fond du Lac Literacy Services now has someone to help him learn English and Allen from McLit Marathon County Literacy Council has tutors to help him learn to text his deaf wife, thanks to Literacy Can’t Wait.  A high school student with dyslexia, who had not progressed beyond 2nd-grade reading, is working quickly through the material thanks to his tutor and the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Madison. All thanks to Literacy Can't Wait.

The support of sponsors and the engagement of community members allows more learners to attain their personal literacy goals.