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Stories Connect Us

We each have our own literacy story to share.

Whether it's navigating a map, completing a work order, or reading a bedtime story to our little ones, literacy plays a vital role in our lives. 

Thank you for participating in this thought-provoking conversation as part of our 35th anniversary celebration.

The Fredrickson-Acker-Horn Families
"All 26 of us, from 93 to 2 years old love to read! 

We would like for others to have the opportunity to love reading like we do.  Reading and literacy skills are essential for everyday life."

Samuel from Literacy Council of Green County
"I like the English classes of Literacy Council of Green County because it gives me hope that some day I can speak English very well"

Oscar from Literacy Council of Sheboygan County
On July 14, Oscar (native Spanish speaker) had surgery to remove his gall bladder. When he left for the hospital, his wife suggested taking an interpreter. Oscar said, "No, I've got this." And he did. He said all the nurses spoke only English, but his interactions went very well during 2½ days in the hospital. The surgery was successful and he is recovering well. Oscar has been working with Literacy Council tutors since 2018.

Margarita from Walworth County Literacy Council
Margarita and her tutor struggled at first to communicate, but found that talking about cooking and their love of Mexican food bridged their language barrier. Margarita and her tutor met for almost two years while she also studied English at Gateway Technical College. A disappointing first attempt to pass the citizenship test inspired both Margarita and her tutor to focus on conversation and interview questions. With Margarita’s confidence strengthened and her English much improved, she became an official citizen the second time around with her tutor joining her at the naturalization ceremony.

Student from Reading Connections
A middle school client's parent called to schedule further lessons. She mentioned how pleased she was because her child and her would typically spend over three hours a night on homework. The previous night her child spent 45 minutes doing his math homework all by himself. Now that he is starting to read fluently he can actually do his math problems without mom reading them to him.

Learner from Literacy Services of Wisconsin
"Literacy Services' 5.09 HSED program has taught me how to manage my life. Being a mom and working a full-time job, it has been a challenge. But most importantly, it has helped me believe in myself. The 5.09 program has enhanced my critical-thinking skills, self-esteem, and has given me guidance towards my goals. I have become a role model to my son and will be the first in my family to obtain a high school diploma certificate, making me a proud first generation student."