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Strategic Plan Summary

Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. is a non-profit coalition of community-based literacy programs located throughout Wisconsin. Member programs provide much needed services to adults and families through dedicated staff and well-trained volunteer tutors. 

Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. defines its identity through the following organizational commitment statements:

Purpose Low literacy levels in health, workforce, and community limit life possibilities. With additional resources, partnerships, and work with our member agencies, we can improve literacy in Wisconsin.
Mission Changing lives by strengthening literacy statewide.
Vision All people in Wisconsin have the literacy skills to reach their full potential.
Values Collaboration, Integrity, Leaders of Change, Lifelong Learning, Person-centered, Respect, Teamwork.


To respond to the changing environment and leverage its unique strengths, Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. embarked on a strategy development process. The primary objective of this process was to develop strategies to advance its mission. 


Strategy must always begin with an understanding of the organization’s core identity, seeking to leverage its core strengths and competitive advantage in producing the change it seeks to make in the world. Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. began its strategy development process by confirming its identity statement in order to augment its mission and articulate what it ultimately seeks to achieve. Wisconsin Literacy, Inc.’s new mission statement is: Changing lives by strengthening literacy statewide.

Competitive Advantage

Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. examined its strengths relative to other organizations. The competitive advantages below are the assets and abilities that Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. leverages to make a greater community impact: 

  • Strategic Partnerships: WLI excels at identifying, gathering, developing and nurturing strategic collaborative relationships with key and disparate stakeholders to focus on workforce, health, and adult and family literacy. 
  • Statewide Voice: WLI gathers and uses compelling data and stories from connections to member agencies and others serving people with literacy needs. 
  • Statewide Reach: WLI has a team of regional staff providing assistance to local literacy efforts. WLI is a trusted connector of partners and funders to community literacy initiatives. 
  • Nimble: WLI efficiently identifies, evaluates and leads initiatives to rapidly respond to changing environments and opportunities.  
  • Health Literacy Leader: Wisconsin Health Literacy, a division of WLI is the recognized source for health literacy in Wisconsin and beyond with a unique collaboration between health, adult education and other related fields. 
  • Bi-Partisan: Literacy in Wisconsin is equally supported by both parties.