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Promoting Census Participation during COVID-19 Related Closures


Census invitations went out March 12-20.

This corresponds with many literacy program closings.


Here are tips to make sure our learners are counted:

  • Call your learners
    • utilize staff and volunteer time freed up by cancelled lessons
      ask if learners received an envelope
    • address any questions they may have
  • Prioritize Census completion as soon as you are meeting again
    • encourage learners to complete the census before visits start
    • Census workers are scheduled to visit homes from May-July 
  •  Set up Census stations
    • have computers and staff/volunteers available at your location for Census completion when programming resumes (staff and volunteers cannot help or watch the completion of the form)

Watch ProLiteracy's "2020 Census & Adult Education: Adapting to Covid-19 Challenges" Webinar

Have more tips you'd like us to share?  Email Anna Bierer.