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Health Literacy Month

In honor of October being a time to formally recognize the importance of health literacy, the Governor has declared October 2023 as Health Literacy Month in Wisconsin. Although certain groups are at a higher risk of experiencing health literacy issues, all people can experience health literacy challenges. Celebrate Health Literacy Month by taking steps to incorporate health literacy into your work:

·        Measure your hospital or clinic’s organizational health literacy

·        Integrate health literacy into curricula for health professionals

·        Organize training on health literacy best practices for staff

·        Incorporate health and health literacy topics into adult literacy programs

Annual Demographic Report

The Annual Member Demographic Report compiles the results of the most recent annual member survey into a concise and easy to interpret visual representation of key findings.

Adult literacy programs are encouraged to use the report to compare their program's work to state averages and to assist with their public relations and fundraising efforts.