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Matching Gifts

A matching gift is money given from a business to a nonprofit organization that matches a donation made by an employee of the business (to the same nonprofit).  

For example:
John Doe of XYZ Company gives a $50 donation to ABC Literacy Council. 
His donation comes with a form from XYZ Company to verify the donation. 
ABC Literacy Council verifies the donation and sends the form to XYZ Company. 
XYZ Company makes a matching donation for $50 to ABC Literacy Council.

Challenges to participating

There are some challenges to participating in business’ matching gifts programs. You might not know:

  • which companies have matching gifts programs
  • where your donors work  
  • how to ask donors to speak with their employers about matching gifts programs 

How do I talk with donors about possible matching gifts programs?

Make sure you dedicate time and energy into building relationships with your donors.  As you foster relationships, these conversations are easier and more successful.

Promote matching gifts programs as a way to support your organization: 

  • Write a newsletter article about matching gifts. Encourage readers to call you if they have questions or want to get started with a matching gift.  
  • On your donation card, have a check box that says: “My employer offers matching gifts. Please contact me.”

Once you put it out there as another way to support your agency, many donors will be happy to get their companies involved in a cause that they support. 

Remember to thank everyone involved when you receive the matching gift. Thank the company for sending the gift and thank the original donor for doubling their donation.