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Non-standardized Assessment

In addition to proficiency levels (NRS, for example), you can also track progress with informal assessments.

Capstone Projects
Authentic, hands-on activities to practice a variety of skills. 

For example: To end a unit about local community, learners can plan a trip by city bus.  They must use a city map, the local bus route, and perhaps customer service to finalize their trip.

Other capstone ideas:

  • monthly budget
  • resume
  • health history form
  • questions for a parent-teacher conference

Mock Experiences
Practice language in an authentic, simulated environment.  These activities can be time-consuming, but are a wonderful way to offer real-life language practice.  These are also great events to highlight – take pictures, invite local media, etc.

You can plan a mock experience for almost any topic of study:

  • health clinic visit
  • job interview
  • parent teacher conference
  • making a store return
  • customer service phone call
  • scheduling an appointment

Learner Portfolios
This is a collaborative process between learners and tutors/instructors.  Learners choose work they want to keep in their portfolio, as a marker of progress.  Learners may also include photos from capstone projects or mock experiences. 

This is a great way for learners to be involved in regularly tracking their own progress.