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A well-planned, full-color brochure is a great way to introduce your agency to the public.

If your budget is tight:

  • add 1 accent color (from your logo) to a black and white brochure
  • design your own brochure with Publisher 
  • ask a local printer to make an in-kind donation for the printing cost

*Even with a tight budget, never compromise the quality of your printed logo.

Tips from a graphic designer:

Hook readers with the cover. 

  • Readers take 3-5 seconds to decide if they will continue reading.  
  • Have a simple title and a large, engaging image.
  • Don't sell or educate right away. 

Be clear and concise.

  • Keep text short and to the point
  • Use bullet points, not blocks of text
  • Present small chunks of information with meaningful headings 
  • Use 12-point font 
  • Have a simple layout (avoid clutter)
  • Leave lots of white space 
  • Include quality images

Be direct.

  • Have a clear call to action (call for help, donate, volunteer, etc.)
  • Make sure contact information is visible 

    “Become a volunteer today! Call xxx-xxx-xxxx.”