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Marketing Pieces

There are many ways to get your agency’s name out into the community.  Here are just a few ideas: 

An inexpensive and convenient way to get your message out to the public. Create and print them in-house or ask a local printer to make an in-kind donation by covering the printing costs. Distribute them to libraries, public schools, free little libraries, food pantries, clinic waiting rooms, etc.

Create a simple yet eye-catching banner.  Don’t include too much information, just enough to grab the eye of those passing by.  Make sure your name, logo, website and phone number are visible.

Bus placards
A well-designed placard on public busses is a great way to increase public awareness of literacy and promote your agency to potential learners, volunteers and supporters. 

Marquee signs
Marquee signs grab the attention of people passing by.  If you don’t have your own marquee, ask a local agency who does have one to dedicate some space for a message to recruit learners or volunteers or to promote an upcoming event.  

Learn about traffic patterns and who most frequently will see the sign.  For example, are most passersby potential volunteers, learners or donors? Design your message accordingly.