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Health Literacy

The goal is to help adult learners:

  • navigate the health care system
  • communicate effectively with staff and providers 
  • make healthy decisions

Collaborate with healthcare professionals to supplement literacy and English language instruction around the following  topics: 

  • healthcare system in the US
  • questions to ask of health professionals
  • patient rights and responsibilities
  • using an interpreter
  • asking for help
  • keeping a health history
  • completing medical/insurance forms
  • what to expect at a doctor's visit
  • primary care vs emergency care
  • health-related and medical terms, measurements, etc.
  • preventive health measures
  • healthy eating
  • dental care and hygiene 

You may also focus on helping healthcare staff and professionals communicate more effectively with patients

  • use plain language
  • improve written materials
  • understand the patient perspective
  • cultural sensitivity