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Volunteer Recognition

Everyone likes to know they have done a good job. How much time and effort you can spend on volunteer recognition will depend on staff time and budget. 

Ask your volunteers how they prefer to be recognized.  Some volunteers do not want agencies to spend resources to recognize them.  While other volunteers prefer that recognition come in the form of a training opportunity related to their volunteer position.  

What are some volunteer recognition activities we should consider?

Announce accomplishments of accomplishment 

  • Write a newsletter article about a tutor who reached 100 volunteer hours
  • Feature the volunteer with most years of service on your website
  • Contact local media to do a spotlight a tutor or tutor/learner pair

Say “thank you”

  • Send a cards on a volunteer’s anniversary with the agency
  • Remind staff to thank volunteers for their support
  • Recognize a “volunteer of the month” with a small token of thanks
  • Personalize messages – avoid stock thank you card language

Foster a relationship

  • Remind staff to greet volunteers by name when they are in the office
  • Send birthday or get well cards
  • Ask for volunteer input about programming, organizational growth, etc.

Host a special event

  • Offer a training opportunity and time for volunteers to network
  • Organize a volunteer appreciation lunch or picnic
  • Have a snack during a volunteer shift