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AEFL(A) – Adult Education and Family Literacy (Act)

COABE – Coalition on Adult Basic Education

CWI – Governor’s Council on Workforce Investment

DCF – Department of Children and Families

DET – Department of Employment and Training

DFES – Division of Family and Economic Security

DOC – Department of Corrections

DVR – Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

DWD – Department of Workforce Development

FSET – FoodShare Employment and Training

GED – General Equivalency Diploma

HSED – High School Equivalency Diploma

IM – Income Maintainance

SBDC – Small Business Development Center

TAA – Trade Adjustment Assistance

TANF – Targeted Assistance for Needy Families

TRA – Trade Readjustment Allowance

W2 –  Wisconsin Works

WDA – Workforce Development Area

WDB – Workforce Development Board

WIOA – Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

WISCAP – Wisconsin Community Action Program Association

WTCS – Wisconsin Technical College System

WWDA – Wisconsin Workforce Development Association