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Wisconsin Literacy's DCF Project

Through a grant from DCF, Wisconsin Literacy helps TANF-eligible individuals earn high school equivalency credentials.

Wisconsin Literacy members who participate in the project:

  • provide education and support to TANF-eligible learners:
    • studying for their GED or HSED
    • improving their literacy and English skills
    • developing employability skills
  • connect with W-2 agencies to:
    • strengthen referrals between W-2 and literacy programs
    • coordinate support of W-2 participants
  • collaborate with local employers to offer skills enhancement opportunities


Wisconsin Literacy provides members with:

  • curricula, study materials, and test preparation materials 
  • test vouchers
  • professional development and networking opportunities
  • Pre-GED and GED math tutoring

TANF-eligible learners are: 

  • 18 years or older.
  • a parent of a minor child (custodial or non-custodial) or pregnant.
  • a Wisconsin resident.
  • a US citizen, legal alien, or qualified alien.
  • low income:
    • 200% federal poverty level or lower.
    • using W-2, Wisconsin Shares Child Care, Kinship Care, Supplemental Security Income Caretaker Supplement, Transform Milwaukee Jobs, Trial Employment Match Program, and Transitional Jobs.
    • incarcerated.

(Individuals who are 18-24 years old and aged out of the foster care system and do not need to develop job skills and work experience to become self-supporting do not have to be a parent.)

High school equivalency credentials in the State of Wisconsin:

  • GED - General Educational Development
  • HSED - High School Equivalency Diploma

Contact to connect with this project.