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Workforce Partnership Examples

Dunn County
Literacy Chippewa Valley (LCV) collaborated with the Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) and Workforce Resources (the local W2 agency) to create a universal application that includes a release of information from the learner that allows all three agencies to share information.  This enables the three agencies to work with a leaner to create a learning plan that includes support in not only obtaining basic skills but also a direct connection to local services. 

Racine County
The Racine County Workforce Development Center, Gateway Technical College and the YWCA of Southeastern Wisconsin have partnered to provide an employment-based 5.09 HSED program.  It meets at the Workforce Center, has instructors from Gateway Technical College and the YWCA and also has a Racine County staff person who promotes the program to the W-2 program at ResCare and Workforce clients.

Waukesha County
In 2017 Greater Waukesha Literacy piloted our National Work Readiness Certificate classroom instruction with a small group of individuals referred by the workforce development center or the state senior resource program. Benefiting from both professional staff and volunteer instructors, 100% of the participants completed the 4-course, 60-hours of curriculum, 100% passed the rigorous online exams and earned the certificate, and 100% were employed within 2 weeks of completion and maintained their employment for at least 90 days!

Kewaunee County
The Literacy Partners of Kewaunee County has offered ELL classes at a local dairy farm for employees for three years. Initially Literacy Partners worked with the owner of the farm to set up class logistics. After that, the farm manager served as the point of contact, doing most of the scheduling of students and managing attendance concerns. Three volunteer instructors taught; one presented as the main instructor while the other two volunteers circulated to support the multi-level learning environment. The farm pays for the student books. Achievement of those who have stayed in the program has been impressive.

Dane County
Alvaro is a young man with a lot of determination to build the life he wants. He has a lot of motivation as well. At 18 years old, just last year his son was born. As soon as he became a parent he knew he wanted to jump start a career. He learned about the Bilingual Construction Program through his Worksmart Network advisor. He came to Latino Academy optimistic about the chance to get to learn about the construction trades. He always wanted to be a plumber because of the benefits and schedule. He was a stellar student in the program. Although the youngest, he was punctual and exemplified a good work ethic. He aced his interview and only a couple weeks after training concluded, he was offered a job with Dave Jones. He was ecstatic. 9 months later he is still at Dave Jones and looking into apprenticeship opportunities.