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Meet Claudia

Claudia came to Literacy Green Bay speaking very little English in 2013.  She  attended their English classes while also raising 4 young children.  Since beginning in classes, Claudia’s speaking grew from only communicating through gestures or a few isolated words to now being able to fill out forms and communicate over the phone.  Her goal has always been to improve all aspects of her English skills-reading, writing, and speaking-so she can help her children in school.  She wants to be able to understand her children’s teachers, help them with homework, and participate in school activities.  Her youngest child will enter Kindergarten in the fall, which will give her more time to study, and she’s excited to have the chance to work one-on-one with a tutor to continue improving her skills.  

Claudia said she would like to eventually take classes at the local technical college.

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