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Learner Handbook and Policies

Have an orientation and handbook to give learners a clear picture of your agency’s programs, services, expectations and guidelines.  

In your learner handbook, include: 

Basic Agency Info:

  • Staff
  • Schedule
  • Programs and services
  • Learner costs
  • Required materials
  • Learner responsibilities
  • Learner rights

Tutoring Program:

  • Program basics (location, schedule, volunteer tutors)
  • Requesting a tutor
  • Attendance policy
  • Options while waiting for a tutor

ABE/ELL Classes:

  • Class basics (location, schedule, instructors, class size, etc.)
  • Cost and/or Required materials
  • Enrolling in a class
  • Pre- and Post-assessments 
  • Attendance policy

Example Policies from other Agencies: