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Learner Intake

Most funders want to support programs that serve disadvantaged communities.  In addition to personal contact information, collect demographic information for learners, so you can show who your program directly impacts:

  • race/ethnicity
  • age
  • zip code
  • income and family size
  • use of public assistance (free and reduced lunch, Badger Care, Food Share, etc.)
  • native language
  • educational level
  • occupation
  • any other data requested by your individual funders

*Social Security Number

  • Many literacy programs do not collect this data.
  • Federally-funded programs use SSN to track employment records, enrollment in technical college, and use of public assistance.


  • Education, employment, family and personal
  • Long-term and short-term

Sample Learner Registration Form

Learner Registration Form from TANF Toolkit

Sample Tutor-Learner Contract