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Online Learning for Adults

As we work to offer our students new ways of learning, we have to look at resources they can access from home. 

How To Move Instruction Online

  • Note: Recording has a delayed start.

    We tried out some classic ELL (English Language Learning) strategies in this highly interactive session on Zoom. Please bring paper, a pencil, and whatever materials you usually use in a learning session.

  • Intended for program managers and executive directors to help you decide if you want to buy seats.

  • How Burlington English works, how to access lessons, and its features.

  • Want to learn how to turn your PowerPoint slides into interactive YouTube videos for your students?

    Learn how to add voice recordings to your PowerPoints, save them as a video, upload them to YouTube, and share them with your students.

    These videos are great for ELL students who do well with listening activities but struggle with reading skills. Interactive tools also help students practice their pronunciation skills.

    This webinar is designed for teachers of all technological skill levels.

  • Want to learn how to use Google Sites, Quizzes, and Slides for Virtual Learning?

    Learn the basics of free Google apps like Google Sites, Google Forms, and Google Slides.

    Create a digital literacy website for your lower-level ELL students, using free Google products to create accessible online resources. All Google Sites are accessible by smartphones and allow for simple access for low-level ELL students who struggle with technology.

    This webinar is designed for teachers of all technological skill levels.

  • Want to learn how to use Zoom with lower-level learners?

    Develop best practices in order to transition your lower-level ELL students onto Zoom and learn how to help your students become confident virtual learners.

    This webinar is designed for teachers of all technological skill levels.

Online Adult Basic Education

Online English Language Learning

Lessons on COVID-19 for High Intermediate ELL:

All Skills

  • English news with reading, listening, and writing activities

  • Trending music videos, viral videos, and movie trailers in the U.S.

  • A site to practice English skills.

  • Interactive lessons on many subjects (click on “All Topics”
    For Reading and English practice:

  • Reading, grammar, writing, spelling, and vocabulary lessons
    Click on “Student Lessons” on the right, or “Reading Skills for Today’s Adults” on the left

  • English and U.S. citizenship lessons
    -- Requires simple registration using an email address and password
    -- You can save your progress


  • Listening practice
    Audio recordings of stories about love, loss, family, and friendship

  • Video speeches from experts on education, business, science, tech, and creativity
    Subtitles available in 100+ languages



  • Sounds of Speech
    Animated articulation diagram to show how English sounds are produced
    • Find “The Website Version” at the bottom of the page
    • May need to update Adobe Flash Player 


  • Purdue Online Writing Lab 
    English grammar lessons
    • For writing exercises, click on “English as a Second Language” on the left and then on “ESL Students” 
    • Find more activities at “Suggested Resources” at bottom of page – click on “OWL Exercises” and choose from list on the left

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