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Co-Create for a Healthier Community

Our Wisconsin Health Literacy (WHL) team worked with staff at WEA Trust, an insurance company, to revise its Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to make them easier for their customers to understand. But instead of just the two organizations working together to make changes, we invited another key group to the discussions - eight members from the community (photo above). 

This co-creation approach, rooted in community and partnership, builds trust amongst all participants. The initial session sought feedback from the community members. The group asked questions or gave explanations for why something could or could not be changed. A few weeks later, WEA Trust shared the new EOB with the group. 

“Working with community members opened our eyes to areas that we could improve on—pulling us out of our day-to-day health insurance mindsets and ultimately allowing us to produce an EOB that is easier to understand and use for everyone,” shared Melody Braaten, WEA Trust. 

It was a win-win. WEA Trust enacted changes from the thoughtful feedback it received and made their EOB forms more easily understandable.  The community members appreciated that their voices were heard and changes made as a result. 

Thanks to you, over a 1,000 community members received health literacy programming.  Go to for more information.