Wisconsin Health Literacy Staff

  • Executive Director
    Phone: (608) 257-1655 ext. 1

    "To help people reach their full potential through literacy is a privilege. Imagine the unknown potential that is lost if we don't help others discover what they are truly capable of!"

  • Health Literacy Director
    Phone: (608) 257-1655 ext. 2

    "Health literacy and education are vital components of health equity. I love working in an environment that creates systematic changes which allow everyone in the community to feel valued and thrive."

  • Project Manager
    Phone: (608) 571-4296

    “Health literacy is key to improved health outcomes and a better quality of life. It is a privilege to be able to work on projects that empower people to protect their health and the health of their families.”

  • Project Manager
    Phone: (608) 257-1655 ext.6

    “To help others live well is the most rewarding gift. Health literacy allows us to achieve this by learning and putting our understanding into action. It’s those actions that lead to positive health outcomes and why I love the work I do.”

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