General Health Literacy

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Health Literacy Website. The CDC health literacy website provides information and tools to improve health literacy and public health. These resources are for all organizations that interact and communicate with people about health, including public health departments, healthcare providers and facilities, health plans, government agencies, non-profit/community and advocacy organizations, childcare and schools, the media, and health-related industries.
  • Health Careers: A Guide to Finding Entry-Level Jobs in Health Care, by the Florida Literacy Coalition. 
  • Health Literacy Out Loud: Health Literacy from a Literacy Perspective: Helen Osborne interviews John Comings, EdD about both the literacy and health aspects of health literacy, practical strategies that health professionals can use, and ways the health system can collaborate with the adult literacy system.
  • Health Literacy Consulting helps organizations communicate health information in ways that patients, families and employees can understand. Resources include: a free monthly e-newsletter, workshops and keynote presentations, plain language writing and editing services, health literacy tips, and Health Literacy Out Loud podcasts.
  • Universal Precautions Toolkit (2nd edition) - AHRQ: The AHRQ Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit is based on the principles of universal precautions, or specific actions that providers can take to make health information more understandable for all patients. It is designed to be used by all levels of staff in practices providing primary care for adults and/or pediatric patients. 
  • Department of Health and Human Services National Action Plan to Improve Health LIteracy released 5/27/10. Summary. Full plan.
  • Health and Literacy Special Collection: This is an excellent health literacy resource with information for teachers and students, links to many sources of written health information, some health related curriculum topics and Family Health and Literacy: A Guide to Easy-to-Read Health Materials and Web Sites.
  • Alliance for Aging Research Fact Sheet: Tips for Grandparents on Safe Medicine Storage. This fact sheet provides tips for grandparents to help keep their grandchildren safe.
  • HealthWeb Navigator: This organization publishes in-depth reviews of health-related websites. 

Cultural Competence

  • Health Information Translations provides multilingual health information materials in many languages, including some American Sign Language resources.
  • Health Reach provides multi-cultural and refugee information for both patients and health care professionals in many languages.  Includes videos, audio files and documents.  Compiled by the National Library of Medicine with a searchable database.

Health Insurance Literacy

Health Literacy Interest Groups

  • Health Literacy (United Kingdom)
    Join a group of health and education academics and practitioners, service providers and service users committed to raising the profile of Health Literacy as a remedial cause of Health Inequalities of England, and to developing and undertaking research to achieve that. The UK group is very interested in linking with others with an interest in the area, both within the UK and abroad.