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Health Insurance Literacy

The American Institutes for Research (AIR) has completed development and validation of the Health Insurance Literacy Measure (HILM). The HILM, which is publicly available, can help identify what aspects of health insurance pose the greatest problems for consumers, which groups need more assistance to enroll and use benefits, and what topics and skills consumer counseling-efforts should focus on.

Health Literacy Interest Groups

  • Join a group of health and education academics and practitioners, service providers and service users committed to raising the profile of Health Literacy as a remedial cause of Health Inequalities of England, and to developing and undertaking research to achieve that. The UK group is very interested in linking with others with an interest in the area, both within the UK and abroad.

  • The group is a community of practice of where adult educators, adult education program managers, and health educators discuss the instructional and programmatic best practices and issues related to the incorporation of health literacy into adult education programs.

  • This listserv provides a forum to share ideas, get advice, ask questions, and make announcements.