This section includes a collection of health literacy resources.  This listing includes key reports, articles and toolkits to learn more about the field of health literacy or to implement and evaluate an effective health literacy program.  Many other resources are available at the links given.

Organizational Planning

  • Creating a health literate organization
  • Planning and evaluating programs
  • Organizational health literacy assessment

General Health Literacy

  • Sources of additional resources
  • Cultural competence
  • Health insurance literacy
  • Health literacy interest groups
  • Documents and templates

Research and Reports

  • National or international literacy & health literacy studies
  • National health literacy action plans

Other Training Programs

  • Plain language training
  • General health literacy training


  • Patient videos
  • Health Literacy 101
  • Intervention programs


  • Courses/materials for adult literacy and health literacy


  • Print/AV assessment tools
  • Writing tools
  • Reading level calculators
  • Pharmacy tools