All of Us Digital Literacy Projects

Wisconsin Health Literacy worked with the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) members and All of Us Community Engagement Network to create:

  • 5 Digital Literacy Guides, in English and Spanish, for professionals to facilitate community programming on:
    • Get a Free Email Address
    • Avoid Scams & Phishing
    • Create a Strong & Easy-to-Remember Password
    • Find Reliable Health Information Online: Website Detective
    • Use MedlinePlus to Find Reliable Health Information 

      The program guides allow partners to engage with their communities on the topic of digital health literacy over a sustained period of time. Each program guide topic is directly connected to All of Us by promoting the program and showing how the skill the participants are learning will help them participate in All of Us.  
  • 7 Education Videos, in English and Spanish, based on the digital health literacy program, Health Online: Finding Information You Can Trust
  • Virtual Programming Series, a four-day discussion addressing the digital divide and sharing tips and tools for implementing digital literacy programming in diverse communities. 

Recordings of the sessions:

Event 1: Digital literacy, health literacy, and tools developed for program implementation.

Event 2: Addressing Health Literacy with African Americans and Latinx Communities 

Event 3: Addressing Health Literacy with Refugee and Immigrants and LGBTQ+ Communities

Event 4: Addressing Health Literacy with Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities


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