Digital Health Literacy

People can use a variety of technological tools to find health information, manage their health, and even treat health conditions. Everyone should have the skills to use these technologies safely and effectively.

Trainings and presentations:

  • Introduction to Digital Health Literacy

As we increasingly move toward greater adoption and use of health technologies such as patient portals and telehealth, understanding the interplay between health and digital literacy skills is of key importance. This session focuses on challenges patients face in using technology to enhance their health and provides strategies and solutions to better support patients so that everyone can experience the benefits of health technologies.

  • Finding Reliable Health Information Online

People should make well-informed decisions based on reliable health information. Although health professionals and organizations should be the primary source of health information, many people search the internet for health information and will also see it on social media. It’s vital that consumers are able to search for and recognize reliable health information. Learn about search tips, navigating webpages, and markers for reliable health information.

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