Health Equity Workshops

Wisconsin Health Literacy is striving to raise awareness of the integral connection between health literacy and health equity. Only by fostering more inclusive interactions between those who give and those who receive health care services, can we really meet people where they are. Health literacy plays a vital role in ensuring that all feel valued and achieve good health.

We offer customized programs to meet your organizational needs including:

  • Short Focused Sessions
    These one to two hour-long workshops focus on specific issues, such as implicit bias, macroaggressions, power in medicine, finding common ground, allyship, and collecting racial, ethnic, and language (REAL) data and sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) data.
  • Building Inclusive Clinics
    This full day interactive workshop for health professionals and administrators introduces social justice within a healthcare framework. It is designed to empower individuals and teams to create more inclusive cultures, procedures, and policies in their organizations.
  • Interrupting Sessions
    These full day workshops focus on a specific identity (race, sex, ability, age, etc.) and provide participants with the awareness and tools to dismantle oppressive structure and systems (racism, sexism, ableism etc.) that maintain health inequities.
  • Building Health Equitable Communities
    This full day workshop for social service providers, public health agents, and community members helps develop an awareness of oneself in the process of socialization and explore one’s role in establishing equitable systems. Participants will gain a greater understanding about how to make a real difference in their family, school, job, and community.
  • Inclusion Institute for Healthcare
    This intensive 3-day retreat with two 1-day follow up sessions explores how the groups we belong to shape our experiences, how we see the world, and how this can impact our work with and care for others. It is a proactive approach for public health agents, health professionals, administrators, and educators to address health disparities and cultural sensitivity, which is considered a crucial skill in the healthcare sector.

Accredited Certified Diversity FaciliTrainer (CDFT) through NCCJ St. Louis Facilitrainer Certification Program (FTCP)

-Stan Hudson, Health Literacy Director

-Michele Erikson, Executive Director