Medication Label Summit: Improving Prescription Drug Labels to Help Patient Understanding

This Medication Label Summit focused on the role of prescription drug labels in improving how patients take their medications. Topics included:

  • How patient-centered labels can increase understanding and improve use and adherence
  • What actual patients like and dislike about medication labels
  • How those with low health literacy especially benefit from easier-to-understand labels
  • How recent USP patient-centered guidelines for labels have potential to improve understanding
  • How the USP standards are being implemented in 52 pharmacies in Wisconsin
  • The experience in other states and health systems implementing new labels
  • What’s next in medication labeling and health literacy

The Medication Label Summit was offered by Wisconsin Health Literacy, with support of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment of the Medical College of Wisconsin.  

Major sponsors of the Medication Label Summit were: 

Download agenda here

For more information about the Medication Label Summit, contact Lauren Werner: or 608-257-1655, ext. 6.