Welcome to the Pharmacy Implementation Resources page!

We have many resources available to help you get started with implementing patient-centered labels. 

1.  The Implementation Guide is a great start, as it provides step-by-step directions for redesigning labels.  Please contact Kari LaScala or Stan Hudson with any questions.

Download the Implementation Guide Quick Start flyer and view the accompanying video to get started.

2.  Pharmacist Toolkit for Patient-Centered Prescription Medication Labels

Educate your staff on the importance of patient-centered labels by reviewing this toolkit. This has been created to help them better understand the project and the “why” behind the importance of patient-centered labels. It contains a video and other resources, as well as a short survey. At the end is a Certificate of Completion you can sign for those who reviewed this toolkit. 

Additional Resources:

Background information about the project:

Adopting an Easy-to-Read Medication Label in Wisconsin White Paper

Adopting Patient-Centered Prescription Medication Labels in Wisconsin - Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin Journal article 

A Sticking Point for Medication Adherence - UW School of Pharmacy DiscoverRx Magazine 

Wisconsin and Federal Statutes

WI Chapter Phar 7
WI Chapter Phar 8
WI Chapter 450
Federal Requirements

Journal Articles and other Resources: 

United States Pharmacopeia Chapter 17 Guidelines (note: a revised version is anticipated in summer 2021)

AHRQ's Explicit and Standardized Prescription Medicine Instructions: (Using the Universal Medication Schedule to write better sigs)  

Bailey, SC et al, Expanding the Universal Medication Schedule (UMS): a patient-centered approach 

Davis TC, Wolf M et al, Literacy and Misunderstanding Prescription Drug Labels 

Institute of Medicine: Standardizing Medication Labels: Confusing Patients Less 

Lee, Charles. Patient Understanding: The Cornerstone of Medication Adherence 

Smith, Michelle Cruz Jimenez et al. Lost in translation: Medication labeling for immigrant families (JAPHA membership required) 

Wolf M, Bailey, SC. The Role of Health Literacy in Patient Safety

Wolf M et al, To err is human: Patient misrepresentations of prescription drug label instructions 

Wolf M, Davis TC et al, Effect of Standardized, Patient-Centered Label Instructions to Improve Comprehension of Prescription Drug Use 

Wood, B. Medication Adherence: The Real Problem When Treating Chronic Conditions 

National Libraries of Medicine (NLM) Medline Plus - a consumer health database (Drugs, Herbs, and Supplements category) owned and maintained by NLM

National Libraries of Medicine (NLM) DailyMed - information on drug labeling


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