Welcome to the Pharmacy Implementation Resources page!

We have many resources available to help you get started with implementing patient-centered labels. 

1.  The Implementation Guide is a great start, as it provides step-by-step directions for redesigning labels.  Please contact Kari LaScala or Stan Hudson with any questions.


2.  Pharmacist Toolkit for Patient-Centered Prescription Medication Labels

Educate your staff on the importance of patient-centered labels by reviewing this toolkit. This has been created to help them better understand the project and the “why” behind the importance of patient-centered labels. It contains a video and other resources, as well as a short survey. At the end is a Certificate of Completion you can sign for those who reviewed this toolkit. 

Additional Resources:

Background information about the project:

Adopting an Easy-to-Read Medication Label in Wisconsin White Paper

Adopting Patient-Centered Prescription Medication Labels in Wisconsin - Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin Journal article 

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