Welcome to the Pharmacy Implementation Resources page!

We have many resources available to help you get started with implementing patient-centered labels. 

1.  The Implementation Guide provides step-by-step directions for redesigning labels.  Please contact Bhumi Khambholja or Stan Hudson with any questions.

Download the Implementation Guide Quick Start flyer and view the accompanying video to get started.

2.  Pharmacist Toolkit for Patient-Centered Prescription Medication Labels

Educate your staff on the importance of patient-centered labels by reviewing this toolkit. This has been created to help them better understand the project and the “why” behind the importance of patient-centered labels. It contains a video and other resources, as well as a short survey. 

3. Additional Resources:

Medication Label Initiative Articles and Videos

Applicable Wisconsin and Federal Pharmacy Law

Patient Centered Prescription Label Information

Additional Medication Adherence Articles