Wisconsin Health Literacy is a division of Wisconsin Literacy, Inc., a coalition of 75 adult literacy agencies in Wisconsin. Our goal is to improve health and health care through better communication. Our services include:

  • Awareness Building: Presentations and public information on who is affected by health literacy, and how it can impact outcomes
  • Consultation and Assessment: Assistance to organizations evaluating their health literacy environment and determining steps for improvement
  • Education and training:  On-site programs to help health care professionals improve patient satisfaction, quality of care and patient safety by reducing the effects of limited health literacy
  • Plain Language: Review and/or editing of documents to ensure readability and understandability by limited literacy adults
  • Advocacy: Support for local, state and national initiatives relating to health literacy
  • Health Literacy Projects:  Community-based health literacy programs to help bridge the gap between the communication skills of consumers and the demands that the health care system places upon them