Wisconsin Health Literacy manages periodic programs to improve the health of specific populations.  Using health literacy principles and specially designed materials, recent programs are listed below. 

If you have an idea or are interested in partnering with us on a health literacy initiative, contact:

      Steve Sparks, Health Literacy Director
(608) 257-1655, Ext. 2


Let's Talk About Medicines Project


Take a quiz 

Learn how to more safely and effectively use your medicine

Let's Talk About Medicines - for Refugee and Immigrant Populations 

Tips for Pharmacists Working with Refugee and Immigrant Populations


Medication Label Projects

Potential for Adoption of New Medication Label Standards in Wisconsin

Implementation of New Medication Label Standards in Wisconsin

Take a Survey About Medication Labels

Read the Favorite Label Survey Stories


Other Health Literacy Projects

Improving Maternal Health through Better Health Literacy

Improving Early Dementia Care through Health Literacy

Health Literacy and Consumer Engagement Project

Let's Talk About the Flu