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It all started with healthcare. Janet Glime, President of Marinette and Oconto Counties Literacy Council, worked as a nurse previously and noticed people coming into the hospital not being able to read well.

When she checked the low literacy rates, she found that the highest need came from the outlying areas. With this in mind, the literacy council came to serve both Marinette and Oconto counties in Northeastern Wisconsin. The program uses one-to-one tutoring so that the learner and tutor can focus on the learner’s specific goals.

Ruth Riesch met a farmer in the Emergency Room in the hospital where she worked who couldn't read to fill out his hospital form. That interaction stuck with her for years.

When she retired, she decided to do something to help literacy in her community and became a tutor at Marinette and Oconto Counties.

She has helped learners start their own business, learn the names for tools to improve their work skills, and practice speaking with her child's school.

Jeff Burkhart, Executive Director of Literacy Network of Dane County, says, "This is one of the biggest impacts that you can make in the community . . by being a tutor and supporting the programs that we offer."

Literacy Network of Dane County provides a wide range of programs including individualized tutoring and workplace literacy tailored to employer/employee needs.

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Reyna's son was diagnosed with Autism and she wanted to speak English to communicate with health care providers and the school.

After 6 years of tutoring and classes at Literacy Network of Dane County, Reyna is happy with her progress. She said, "I can fight for my children's rights and my rights too."

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Congratulations, Journey House, for celebrating 50 years this year. They started out as a literacy program and grew to one of the biggest programs in Milwaukee.

Jesus, a talented pastry chef and owner of Todo Postres bakery, came to Journey House to improve his English. He wanted to expand his business to an English speaking clientele.

Literacy Green Bay (LGB) works with learners to develop rudimentary skills (how to form the letters and hold a pencil) and takes them all the way to forming sentences and paragraphs and even earning their citizenship or GEDs.

Cristina came to the United States from Mexico in 2006. Two years later, she began English Language classes at Literacy Green Bay.

She was determined to improve her English skills and set a goal of obtaining citizenship. On April 4, 2019, she became a US Citizen.